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Flags for a bright future

Standing with confidence behind the United Federation of Planets.

Pennants and Banners

We are planning a Banner for the Y2K Melbourne Biennial. The banner will act as a promotional device for the upcoming west Brunswick Sculpture Triennial (wBST). We are thinking: felt, tassels, big chunky letters – here’s some source material.

it’s a race against time…

An image from the 1966 Ultraman  TV series that bears a striking resemblance to the it’s a race against time image on our home page. via  Scott Matthews’ blog.


Precast concrete stairs from Hollow Core Concrete.

Dockland Images

Images from the State Library Image Database.

Great Expectations

Some inspirational images from the architecture documentary Great Expectations (SBS, Tues 26th August 2008). Concrete Projection Screen on top of Unité d’Habitation. Elevated walkway in Brazilia. Buckminster’s geodesic dome for the American Pavilion at the Montreal World Fair, ’67. With a temperature differential of just 1 deg. Fahrenheit, a 2 mile diameter geodesic sphere with 5000 people inside would float. Nine […]

UFO launch pad

An interesting concrete structure known as the ‘flytrap’ and rumoured to be a launching structure for Nazi flying saucers.

Free Phone Booth

Locutorio Colón by Maki Portilla Kawamura and Tadanori Yamaguchi, February 2006. Located in Plaza de Colón in central Madrid the building acted as a free call centre to Latin America. via Proteinos

Yard Furniture

Expanded polystyrene modular public seating by ppag architects Vienna.

Basketball Bar

BasketBar by NL Architects at Utrecht University Campus. via