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wBST website launched

The west Brunswick Sculpture Triennial website is now up. Only a week to go ’till the project opens! Check out the Dates page to discover what’s happening when and where, get prepared by downloading a poster or A4 map, or get an overview from our press release. If you’re a participating artist, check your artist […]

skinny-assed us

Helen Walter sent me this great photo-stitched panorama of the OSW team at Anstey and Ashton.


Lucas has commenced his project for the wBST with a blog post. It’s all about goats and it’s spawned a slew of goat related reports. Exciting stuff! Read about it here.

new improved flag….

the sites where the triennial will take place…

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wBST flag

we made this flag-pennant thing last year: something to represent the wBST…a kind of crafted announcement of things to come. We plan to have a banner making workshop on March the 1st with all the participants of the wBST whereby each contributor might make a pennant to represent their involvement in the project. Results will […]

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dates for the wBST

dates for the west brunswick sculpture triennial are: Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd March: 1-5pm Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th March: 1-5pm Saturday 4th April & Sunday 5th April: 1-5pm Saturday 11th April & Sunday 12th April: 1-5pm artists involved: OSW collective (co-ordinators including Terri bird, Bianca Hester and Scott Mitchell) Fiona Abicare Marcus Bergner […]

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Flags for a bright future

Standing with confidence behind the United Federation of Planets.

Pennants and Banners

We are planning a Banner for the Y2K Melbourne Biennial. The banner will act as a promotional device for the upcoming west Brunswick Sculpture Triennial (wBST). We are thinking: felt, tassels, big chunky letters – here’s some source material.

some thoughts on discourse around the west brunswick sculpture triennial

Derrida – On hospitality Buro Berlin – notion of making present the ‘situational relations’ of production Brian Holmes critique on biennales and mega-shows in relationship to transnational capitialism Lisa Kelly’s text (in response to Sydney Biennale from 2006) titled “grasping the thistle”