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skinny-assed us


Helen Walter sent me this great photo-stitched panorama of the OSW team at Anstey and Ashton.


Lucas has commenced his project for the wBST with a blog post. It’s all about goats and it’s spawned a slew of goat related reports. Exciting stuff! Read about it here.

new improved flag….

new improved flag

new improved flag

the sites where the triennial will take place…

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wBST flag

we made this flag-pennant thing last year: something to represent the wBST…a kind of crafted announcement of things to come. We plan to have a banner making workshop on March the 1st with all the participants of the wBST whereby each contributor might make a pennant to represent their involvement in the project. Results will be displayed throughout the triennial!

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dates for the wBST

dates for the west brunswick sculpture triennial are:

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd March: 1-5pm
Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th March: 1-5pm
Saturday 4th April & Sunday 5th April: 1-5pm
Saturday 11th April & Sunday 12th April: 1-5pm

artists involved:
OSW collective (co-ordinators including Terri bird, Bianca Hester and Scott Mitchell)
Fiona Abicare
Marcus Bergner
Terri Bird
Stephen Bram
Matthew Brown
Mick Douglas
Mikala Dwyer
Ardi Gunawan
Chris Hill
Lucas Ihlein
Raafat Ishak
Susan Jacobs
Lisa Kelly
Nick Mangan
Sally Marsland
Tom Nicholson
Spiros Panigirakis
Nikos Pantazis
Alex Rizkala
Geoff Robinson and Jennie Lang
Saskia Schut
Helen Walter
Jude Walton & Phoebe Robinson

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Flags for a bright future

Standing with confidence behind the United Federation of Planets.

Pennants and Banners

We are planning a Banner for the Y2K Melbourne Biennial. The banner will act as a promotional device for the upcoming west Brunswick Sculpture Triennial (wBST). We are thinking: felt, tassels, big chunky letters – here’s some source material.

some thoughts on discourse around the west brunswick sculpture triennial

Derrida – On hospitality

Buro Berlin – notion of making present the ‘situational relations’ of production

Brian Holmes critique on biennales and mega-shows in relationship to transnational capitialism

Lisa Kelly’s text (in response to Sydney Biennale from 2006) titled “grasping the thistle”

it’s a race against time…

An image from the 1966 Ultraman  TV series that bears a striking resemblance to the it’s a race against time image on our home page.

via  Scott Matthews’ blog.