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Terri Bird with Fiona Abicare

Situated in a converted corner store the ‘white cube’ presentation space of Ocular Lab provides both a counter and complementary context to the domestic focus of the other wBST sites. This potential is exploited to stage a project focused on reiteration, repetition and exchanges. Developed by Fiona Abicare and Terri Bird for the wBST this project resituates works by the artists featured in the lounge room at 135 Union Street: Fiona Abicare, Stephan Bram, Nick Mangan, Sally Marsland and Spiros Panigirakis. The duplication of works by the same artists in differing contexts deploys the potential of doubling to activate each context and practice through repetition. The aim is to elicit from the dilemma of relations correspondences and disjunctions between works, between works and their context, and between contexts, accentuating the perpetual dissimilarity of sameness.