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1. wBST base camp
135 Union Street

Positioned as the base-camp of the wBST, 135 Union Street, West Brunswick, houses a hub of projects. In opening the domestic living spaces of this residence to projects and events, the wBST brings into association a mixture of materialities together with considerations of the living conditions of 135 Union Street. These considerations provide a grounding context for a series of site responsive engagements, not only at 135 Union Street but elsewhere.

Artists working at 135 Union Street site include:
Fiona Abicare
Marcus Bergner
Stephen Bram
Mick Douglas
Mikala Dwyer
Bianca Hester
Lisa Kelly
Nick Mangan
Tom Nicholson & Raafat Ishak
Spiros Panigirakis
Saskia Schut
Geoff Robinson & Jennie Lang
Jude Walton with Phoebe Robinson