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4. Nikos’ Rear Entrance
access via laneway
off Orient Grove Brunswick

Pennants, banners and felt flags, made by the participants of the wBST, adorn the shed environment of Nikos rear entrance – in the manner of a club-house display. These flags, made during a one-day workshop prior to the commencement of the wBST, act to characterize each contributor – rendering in symbolic form their contribution to the project.

Alongside this display, Nikos Pantazis co-ordiates a program of activities for Nikos Rear Entrance.

Nikos Rear Entrance is a garage a gymnasium and a studio – it will be in construction there will be running and jumping music mixing cleaning renovating preparing production stretching squatting pointing pushing pulling flexing parking yoga there will be repetition supersets muscle stimulation core isolating strength training bench presses routines salutations down dogs warrior poses techniques tips programmes bike worshipping cars pulling in skipping neck rolls ab-throws calf raises shoulder grips cubian presses dumb bell rows freestyle training warm ups warm downs optimisation super sets to failure skipping till exhaustion running on the spot star jumps knee tucks ab cycling stretching muscle aches grunting deep inhalations deep exhalations push ups planks chin ups 3 x 20 3×15 3×10 5kilos10kilos 15kilos 20kilos 30 second intervals spotting strength training cardio vascular and resistance training drills clean jerks crunches falling resting floor work endurance work personal training group exercises the garage will be used as a space for exercise a parking spot a studio and a hang out space

all welcome please contact to participate in group exercise.