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Nick Mangan

Nick Mangan exhibits two works from The Colony exhibition in the wBST. In relation to these works he makes the following comments:

I have come to view objects themselves as tools or conduits existing in the realm between the physical and cerebral world. By rewiring this bridge a plethora of new possibilities can be accessed. I am interested in the reinterpretation of the function of the object and the possibility that it can function against the use value intended for it. The Colony produced in 2005 – was an investigation into how Polynesian souvenirs – produced for the tourist market – hover between two paradigms. There is a whole history embedded in these objects that belongs to early European colonization that established notions of the exotic, the primitive and the savage. What I find interesting is that the cultures that produce these objects are aware of the myth which they are perpetuating. The result is a cultural signifier that hovers somewhere between the host culture and the guest culture, but belongs to neither. This process forms an interesting loop or feedback, but gets distorted in the middle. Somewhere along the way, it seems that these hollowed out vessels have become lost at sea.